Living, not just Existing

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by Koxeida

Living out his imagination, thinking the worth of his life, and communicating his identity through writing, Koxeida struggles not for the sake of others, but for himself. He is a selfish amateur being.

I want to live, not just exist in this world. The society is changing, and so am I, and so is everyone else. Can you remember the time, when you were a young kid, full of dreams and ambitions?

I wanna be a pilot!

I wanna travel all around the world!

I wanna be a doctor to save the lives of others!

I wanna become rich!

Endless possibilities and boundless imagination manifested in us. But where have they disappeared as we grow older?

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by Random Contributor

Random Contributor is his/her name. Don’t wear it out.

We met, if only fleetingly, in a city that was not our own.

I was there on business, a short hop from the place I now call home. For you, it was just one stop in a long sojourn, a trek halfway across the world.

Together, we explored the city. We walked the beach, we ran in the rain, we navigated the back alleys, we travelled the night.

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Nasi Padang-Style Spicy Prawns with Coriander

Nasi Padang-Style Spicy Prawns with Coriander Elyssa FOOD

By Elyssa L.

Elyssa has serious commitment issues when it comes to blogs and equally serious itches to write, which is why she thinks this is a great idea.

I love a good spicy kick to my food so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I made this by accident (I’ll explain) and it tasted just like what they have back home.

So how does one cook something by accident?

I was hungry and I wanted something rather healthy and with prawns in it. I love peas to bits so I put them both together and stir-fried it briefly with tomato paste. It tasted great.

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