Living, not just Existing

by Koxeida

Living out his imagination, thinking the worth of his life, and communicating his identity through writing, Koxeida struggles not for the sake of others, but for himself. He is a selfish amateur being.

I want to live, not just exist in this world. The society is changing, and so am I, and so is everyone else. Can you remember the time, when you were a young kid, full of dreams and ambitions?

I wanna be a pilot!

I wanna travel all around the world!

I wanna be a doctor to save the lives of others!

I wanna become rich!

Endless possibilities and boundless imagination manifested in us. But where have they disappeared as we grow older?

Childhood, that’s the most wonderful moment that every person should have! But look at our society: Young children with their parents rushing to tuition centres. Just look at the size of the bag, it’s as big as the child himself! Parents never pause to question whether their children are happy. They never bother to ask how their children feel.

But, of course, they have their good intentions – every parent does.

It’s more than a grandiose preparation, with exhaustive amount of checklists that their child ought to accomplish: Piano, Violin, Ballet, Tuitions, and so on. Why? A simple reason is all they have, unwavering commitment with an irrefutable underlying intention. Their child is the best, so he or she should compete to be the best. But really, what’s the point of all of these accomplishments when the child himself is barely enjoying his childhood? Is he supposed to forsake the joy of being a child and begin preparation for his future? That’s a tough choice to be made, and compromising the two seems rather difficult in today’s society with many parents favouring to get a head start.
You may or may not realize it but our life have become a routine that we go through every day, beginning our days with brushing our teeth and washing up our faces. And have a dreamless night, just like how dreamless most of us are. Go to school, and have ‘anything’ for lunch. Everything’s like status quo, and one thing is missing here. Guess what? It’s ‘Change’! We should be doing something different to break away from this repetitive life of ours. But why is there hardly any change? Remember the time when you enjoy taking risk? Now, we’re afraid of the risk of taking risk itself!

Imagine yourself in the future, what will you be doing daily? Exactly the same as now? Or not so much different from the past? Again, life begins daily with brushing teeth and washing up our faces. Goes to work. Do the same and that is the same for the whole weekdays. How much of that is different from now? But of course, your perceived future is different from what I’m describing. And how would you achieve that, achieve something that’s different from norm, or achieving your dreams? Oh, prepare early now and work hard now, so that I can have an easier life in future!

Now, that’s the paradox that we’re in. For the entire lifetime, we’re toiling and striving hard, preparing for the future so that we can have easier lives. But life is tough, and we can never know for certain whether we’ll succeed. In the end, should we even be trying? Hah! We shouldn’t take risk then! Great.

Really, the whole point of this is not to demoralize anyone, but rather, makes you aware of your life, so that you can reflect and have a change. As cliché as it sounds: Live your life to the fullest, make an impact from your existence. It doesn’t have to be on a grand scale! Appreciate even the smallest detail, love whatever you’re doing. For instance, even saying a sincere thank-you to a stranger can brighten up their days! Your life may not be as adventurous or exciting, but it’s up to you whether you see it that way.

Risk, try to take it once in a while. Break away from the norm. Like breaking a school rule, or doing something silly in the public. Almost anything! Create something memorable, something that you can laugh it off when you look back.


“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Remember, you may not be able to escape the vicious cycle of life, but you can always change your perceptive about it. Taking it optimistically or pessimistically, it’s up to you. Even realizing the fact that you’re alive makes you live more fully than you can ever imagine.


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