An understanding of good work

Everest Base Camp trek - The understanding of good work

By Chia Jeng Yang

If you are like me, you have been caught in the gulf of understanding that exist in the schooling years before working life. I find myself in a stage of definition.

I struggle to define identity, philosophy and life. This blog hopes to be a platform for all of us, the casual blogger, to share their detailed thoughts on any subjects that we find most intriguing. And food, because food. Together, as amateur beings, as we stumble haltingly, let us lift torches of insights from wherever we may be.

The first story I would like to share is about the concept of good work.

We go to exams or work and if we work hard enough, we win praise, awards and commendations. These are intangible trinkets that draw their power from the established social structure. We are happy to receive these intangibles simply because society dictates that we should be. One day, I realized this was not sustainable. It did not fulfill me. It was work, successful and respectable work even, but not good work. Fatigued by a short lifetime of chasing for intangible reward, we forget the purity of physical suffering.

What? Physical suffering? That’s some weird shit.

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