Afiq Azman soul-searching bus tranport introspection

By Afiq Azman

Afiq Azman is a freelance writer and aspiring filmmaker. He often travels by bus as it is, according to him, a place of solitude and soul searching.

Afiq Azman soul-searching bus tranport introspection

A bus, speeding at 100km/h, a journey 800 km in length, clear weather and seamless traffic; yet it still doesn’t help.

All I can do is just to dream of something unrealistic. Then again, what can you do when you are on an economic express bus heading north, with no entertainment onboard?

At least there is a 3-year old Macbook Pro to keep me accompanied. Still, all I can do is to think of something to write. As milepost after milepost whizz past, words slowly appear on the word document sheet. All the random musings of ambition, regrets, success, failures all typed out in perfect harmony.

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