On Surviving Suicide

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by Anonymous

Anonymous is currently studying in a University in the US. He loves music, comedy and the silence of a library at 3 am. He has many stories. This is one of them. His identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons because his university has a bad habit of suspending students who they believe may be a health risk, which he most certainly is not. Certain facts are changed.

I am writing this because many of my friends know me as a perception of a person that I am, rather than the person I believe myself to be. Whether I like it or not, death and my experience with it has formed an important part of who I am and how I live my life. As time goes by, and as I meet more people who become closer to me, I feel a growing psychological chasm between us. I feel dishonest for keeping such a major part of who I am, why I am, a secret. I want to be able to look a friend in the eye and allow them to understand my whole story, finally. This is who I am.

At the same time, I want to help people figure out how to move forward in life. Surviving suicide is incremental and I hope this may shed a bit of light on some of the first few steps.

I know that feeling though. You are slightly incredulous. What could his experience possibly be like? How real was it?

I suppose that is valid. I can only describe what it meant to me. Through this, I hope to give a small insight to what I believed was a suicidal mind. Nobody from the outside can really understand what suicide feels like, and those who do are generally in no position to elucidate.

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Passion-Bound Beauty


by Dylan Lim

She descended her dark stage, illuminated by a singular spotlight and floating on the silent praise on her performance that represented a part of her, only permitted to come alive, to dance, to sorrow and to die with an audience; untouched by reality, she immortalized herself on that scene full of glitter and puff, impressing the crowd of shadows as her musicians serenaded her every action. She loves being herself – able to live and die multiple lives, and who can say they really understand a story unless they are within it themselves?

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The pursuit of ignorance

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By Chia Jeng Yang

Is the pursuit of ignorance a legitimate philosophy? I assume I’m speaking to either dissidents of this theory or hypocrites. I would prefer to have been ignorant about the nihilistic nature of life. I would prefer to have been ignorant about many things. I would have the highest quality of happiness I would have known.

In Alain De Botton’s book, The Social Status, he talks about how the presence of greater wealth and information have directly lead to a greater level of unhappiness. When we know what others have, and what we can have, we find ourselves yearning, he argues very convincingly. Surely then, happiness can lie somewhere in the lines of a more spartan and remote life.

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