by Random Contributor

Random Contributor is his/her name. Don’t wear it out.

We met, if only fleetingly, in a city that was not our own.

I was there on business, a short hop from the place I now call home. For you, it was just one stop in a long sojourn, a trek halfway across the world.

Together, we explored the city. We walked the beach, we ran in the rain, we navigated the back alleys, we travelled the night.

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The Responsibility of Love

philosophy tag

by Anonymous

You want someone who’s independent and strong. Someone who knows where she’s going yet lost to just the right extent that it’s exciting. You want someone who does not need you to live. Her life would have been just as colorful, vivid and fulfilling if you had never entered it. You find that quality intoxicatingly attractive.

Maybe it is because your mother is just as headstrong and driven. Perhaps it is because it relieves you of the burden of making her happy. Maybe you simply like the thrill and challenge of capturing the heart of a woman who never felt a need to rest her heart in another’s hands. You see it as the ultimate test of your allure, the biggest compliment to your desirability, the grandest stroke to your ego.

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Coconut Contemplations

travel tag

By Anonymous

Anonymous has serious commitment issues when it comes to blogs and equally serious itches to write, which is why she thinks this is a great idea.

Erin and I were sitting on the floor of my apartment, sipping hot tea to warm ourselves after being drenched in the Manchester rain. It was the first time we’d ever met each other, so we had to first figure out if the other person was a serial killer before finally allowing ourselves to relax completely and settle into the wonderful experience that is Couchsurfing. As we clicked, laughed and shared our stories, we inevitably got to the topic of love. Not just love, love – love on the go.

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